Ask 3 future trainees (Magic & Silver Circle, International Elite) ANYTHING! *New TCLA Team Members*


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Sep 4, 2019
Hi all I have a couple of questions about renting and the LPC.

Firstly, I have now secured a TC which is funded but they do not specify which LPC provider I need to go with. I am definitely leaning towards ULaw. However I was wondering whether there was any benefit with going to a London campus as opposed to Nottingham or another campus. For example, since so many commercial firms send their trainees to the London campuses will there potentially be a difference in the quality of teaching provided. Obviously outside of London my grant will go a lot further.

Also, with rent I was wondering if you knew how most people found others to rent with. I have heard that it is beneficial to rent with LPC students since the LPC course is a lot more full on then other courses and renting with professionals would be complicated as I would have to pay council tax potentially.
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