1. D

    LLM Law Graduate: Unemployed for Over 1 Year

    I. am. going. crazy. Okay, so I did my LLB, first class from a low ranked uni. Gap year during the pandemic. Then, LLM from a top 10 uni, got a borderline merit/distinction. I graduated in July 2021 - it is now February 2023, and after many rejections, interviews, and being FIRED from one law...
  2. aspirationforlaw

    Seeking career advice - lost hope for TC

    Hello everyone, I'm looking for some general career/prospectus advice. For the background: I'm foreign so I studied abroad up until my first degree which I did in UK. I got weak grades in secondary school and high school and got a 2:2 in my first undergrad. However, then I went on to work in...
  3. G

    Should I explicitly mention skills on my CV?

    Hi everyone, It's basically just what the title says! Here's an example to make it more clear. Which of the following two would be better? Option A, explicitly mentioned skills: In this role, my responsibilities were A, B and C. This allowed me to develop skills X, Y, and Z. Option B, implied...
  4. G

    How much does applying near the deadline affect my chances for rolling applications?

    Hi all! One of my top choice firms has vacation scheme applications open from early Sep to mid Dec. Their applications are rolling, so I was going to apply in Sep or early Oct. However, their firm open day is in early Nov. Is it better to wait until after the open day to apply (as I can talk...
  5. AnonymousUser

    First Year Results and Vac Schemes

    Hi All, I just had a query concerning Vac Scheme applications with my first year grades. Just a little context, for A levels I got 4A* and attend a top 10 RG university. For my first year, I averaged at 66 (with 2 firsts, 2 high 2:1s and 2 high 2:2s- one of which was contract). Whilst I am...
  6. G

    Should I try to apply to 1-2 seemingly less competitive law firms as backup choices?

    Hi everyone, I am going to be applying for vacation schemes in a couple of months and I am finding it difficult to narrow down the list of firms I could apply to. I want to work at a commercial law firm in London, and of course these are all very difficult to get vacation schemes with. I really...
  7. Jaysen

    What are you struggling with the most right now?

    Hey everyone, I'm beginning this series of monthly check-ins to make sure I understand what you need the most help with right now. I want to then make sure that we are focusing on the right things that would be most useful to you. In time, I will zoom in on particular areas (e.g...
  8. James Carrabino

    Weekly Application Pitfalls

    Hi everyone! In addition to my role as a community manager helping to address the queries of our lovely community members on the forum, I have also worked as part of TCLA's application review team to offer feedback on many of the applications that our members send in for review. As December...
  9. C

    GDL results and TC applications

    Hi everyone! I just got my GDL results and while most of the grades are 2:1 (with firsts in EU and Tort), my Contract and Public Law are mid 2:2. The overall grade is Commendation (66) but after hearing how important the Contract Law grade is, I am worried this may affect my future...
  10. D

    Updating a submitted application to show incoming vacation schemes

    Hello, This is my first time applying for vacation schemes and training contracts, so I do not have any vacation scheme experience. I recently heard back from a top 20 firm that I have gained a vacation scheme place with them this summer. I have been putting this as an incoming vacation scheme...
  11. A

    Ask a Future Magic Circle (Allen & Overy) Trainee Anything!

    Hey everyone! As some of you may know, I recently joined TCLA's Forum Team. Having used TCLA since I started applications back in 2019, this is such a wonderful opportunity to give back to a great platform and a wonderful community. Just some background information about me: I am a...
  12. G

    The firm's USP

    I have been researching firms to apply to. I was wondering how to answer "how does the firm set itself apart from other firms, what is their USP"? Is there a specific way of going about this i.e. following the research, do I have to come to a conclusion of what I think the firm's USP is?
  13. Laurenjosephine

    Missing A Level Grade Requirements

    I achieved ABB in my A Levels, but some firms require that you have AAB at A Level. Would this entirely write off my application/ruin my chances of being considered, even if I am on track for 2.1?
  14. Jacob Miller

    Foundations of Commercial Law: Practice Areas, Firm Groups and Applications *Monday Article Series*

    Introduction Something we’re very proud of at TCLA is the vast breadth and depth of advice that candidates have contributed to the forum. That doesn’t necessarily suit everyone, though – indeed, it can even be somewhat intimidating to those who are new to the world of commercial law. Maybe...
  15. Jacob Miller

    Definitive Guide to Assessed Negotiations! *Monday Article Series*

    Hi All! Please see below my Guide to Assessed Negotiation Exercises at Assessment Centres and during Vacation Schemes. This guide has been built from my own experiences of assessed and real-world negotiations as well as having consulted with Grad Rec specialists. This is also the first in a...
  16. Jacob Miller

    Ask 3 future trainees (Magic & Silver Circle, International Elite) ANYTHING! *New TCLA Team Members*

    Hi all! Let me introduce myself: I'm Jacob, and, alongside @Naomi U and @Dheepa I've just joined TCLA as part of the forum team. This thread will be an AMA for all three of us! By way of introduction, I'm a future trainee at Travers Smith LLP (commencing Sept '23) and I'm currently in my final...
  17. James Kitching

    "Please use this space for additional information about your undergraduate degree"

    Hi all, I was wondering what do people usually put on the section titled: "Please use this space for additional information about your undergraduate degree.” In my most recent app I have described what I did for my 3rd year project and my current 4th year MSci, highlighting the relevant skills...
  18. Kablahc

    Finding out when vac schemes are open?

    Hi everyone :) First time poster so sorry if I'm posting in the wrong forum but I was wondering if there's any website (or place on here) that makes a consistent list of when vac scheme/TC applications are open, not just of the deadlines. Although I got a (cancelled) one last cycle I made the...
  19. I

    Prospects of a TC in London?

    Hi all! I've never posted here before so apologies for being so soppy in my first thread! I would just like some insight on the likelihood of me obtaining a legal career after years of hopeless applications to law firms in London. My first batch of applications were appalling, but have been...
  20. G

    Giving "details" of work history

    Hi all Completing my first application and I was wondering what others do with the "details" section of a work history online form. Straight-to-the-point bullet-points of roles and responsibilities? A freer discussion of the skills the role has given you? Somewhere in between?

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