Big Commercial Stories | November 2018


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  • Feb 17, 2018
    Find out about the biggest commercial news stories in November from our team of writers. You will learn about:
    • The UK Digital Services Tax
    • The Danske Bank Money Laundering scandal
    • The US's Iran Sanctions
    • The UK High Street Retail (collapse)
    • Smart Contracts
    • Snapchat's Regulatory Investigations
    • The Fall of Oil Prices
    • M&A deals in the Software Sector
    • Criminal Charges against Goldman Sachs
    • The Brexit Withdrawal Agreement
    • Google's Absorption of DeepMind
    • The Impact of a no-deal Brexit on businesses and law firms
    • The US Tech Stock Sell-Off
    • The Fall of the Pound
    • The Accounting Firms' Disruptions in the Legal Service Sector
    Big Commercial Stories | November 2018 (by @kitk, @Abstruser, @Angel, @bugsy malone, @Sara Moon)
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