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James Carrabino

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Oct 12, 2021
Congratulations to @lawnoob for an outstanding post on general grammar tips for forum members; this post will be incredibly useful for the wider community going forward! Check your PMs for the logistics of receiving your award 😊

I figured that this is such a useful depository of advice that I would even turn your thread (for the third time!!) into a Starred Thread Award so that other community members can contribute with their own grammar tips and general suggestions on good writing for law firm applications :)

Extremely well done!
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  • Feb 17, 2018
    Hi @George Maxwell, I hope you are well! I found the course very helpful and it is by far the most comprehensive resource I used when preparing for my VS. I went into it confident in my abilities and having an idea of the kind of things to consider and clarify when assigned work, given a group task, etc. I'd recommend it to anyone that has an upcoming VS.

    That being said, I was offered a training contract with Baker McKenzie a few days ago following the spring VS! I'll still be attending my other VS in the summer because BM has kindly extended my offer, but I am so pleased with this outcome. Thank you to @Jaysen for starting this platform, and to @Jessica Booker @James Carrabino @AvniD and of course, George for all your responses to my questions and contributions to the forum! I've taken the time to celebrate but wanted to express my gratitude for the forum - the support from the TCLA team and anonymous strangers, the articles that helped me prepare for interview and case study exercises, etc. My inbox is always open to help others on the forum in any way I can. I cannot guarantee quick responses with exams coming up soon 😅 but I'll do my best!
    Proud of you - well done!


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    Oct 25, 2021
    Happy to announce @Miki3999 as our winner for this week for their post here! We appreciate their remarkable effort to help a fellow member with the technical aspects of their upcoming paralegal interview, which completely embodied all the values TCLA strives to promote and foster. Congratulations! Please check your DMs to see how you can claim your prize 😊
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