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    Hey guys,

    I am trying to draft an answer to the following question: Describe a time when you had to drop everything and really “raise your game” in order to keep a promise you had made to someone else. How did you manage both this and your other commitments

    This is the answer I have so far:

    In second year, I stepped in as interim fundraising officer for LSESU Global Brigades. As fundraising officer, my task was to raise at least £1000 in six weeks as our minimum brigade contribution. I had to balance this task with other commitments, including participation in moot-court competitions and deadlines for summative coursework. I navigated this challenge by doing three things.

    First, I broke down our £1000 target into smaller goals, aiming to raise at least £400 every two weeks. To accomplish this target, I estimated potential revenues from one fundraiser, eventually determining that two weekly fundraisers could help us achieve our target. I assembled both brigades for a meeting and proposed these targets.
    After receiving their approval, we collectively planned a ‘fundraising calendar’ and designated Tuesday and Thursday as our weekly fundraising days. After this, I contacted the Activities and Development officer at the Student Union, outlined our tight fundraising timeline, and convinced her to reserve a weekly stall for our society for the next six weeks. On the day of each fundraiser, I had to set up the stall with our baked goods, assist team-mates with sales and record our cash-flow. Our fundraising experienced several ‘bumps’; sales were slow, especially due to the snow in February. I proposed that we individually visit various faculty buildings and pitch our goods to academics. We were able to increase our income by around £108 due to this ‘door-to-door’ fundraising in February.

    Secondly, I resolved clashes with fundraising and my other commitments by prioritising academics and communicating with my team in advance. One example of this was when I had a 4,000-word summative essay due on Friday and the semi-finals of a moot competition on Thursday evening. I told my team that I would not be able to supervise at the stall, and the business brigade leader helped me by volunteering to set-up and supervise.

    Consequently, we held ten fundraisers over the course of six weeks, and raised £1042. In addition to this, we sold glow-sticks at the local club queues for five Fridays straight, eventually adding £237 more to our revenue.

    I am having the following issues with my answer:

    1) Am I being too descriptive? I am not sure if I have adequately answered the question enough.
    2) Any bits or details that you guys think are not needed? I am running way over the word count so any tips on how to trim the waffle would be great.
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    Apologies for missing this post, I hope you sent it out OK!

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