What transferable skills can you bring to the role of Trainee Solicitor?

Discussion in 'Applications Discussion' started by Eamon, Jul 12, 2019.

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    I'm doing the Latham & Watkins application, and am a bit unsure as to the best approach to answer the question.

    First, is it better to have breadth or depth? I'm unsure whether to talk about 2 or 3 skills, and then demonstrate where I have developed these skills. I'm leaning towards depth as there is the extra-curricular section in which I can demonstrate further skills.
    Secondly, do you think its necessary to use a sentence or two to explain how a Trainee may use these skills, or would this be wasted words?
    Finally (and most importantly), to best determine the skills I have looked at the website/ brochure etc. to see the skills that keep popping up. I have noticed that being able to take responsibility pops up alot, as does teamwork/collaboration. However, I feel as if teamwork is bit cliche, and was wondering whether commercial awareness may be more appropriate, especially given the global nature of L&W. What are peoples thoughts?
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    Personally I would stick to the ones they mention the most on the site. I mean, they are mentioned for a reason right? So personally I'd go with being able to take responsibility and teamwork :)
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    Depth is better, 2-3 skills is fine - as you said, you can then develop where you have developed those skills.

    Yes - the strongest applications I see tailor their transferable skills to the role of a trainee solicitor and we always recommend it in our reviews. Brief references are fine, just try to be as specific as you can.

    Personally, I'd suggest reviewing what your strengths are and using that to answer this question; ideally there will be some crossover there with the skills Latham suggests it is looking for. Teamworking is fine, you may want to consider being more specific e.g., leading with your interpersonal skills and tying in with how that can help you in a team. Being specific can help you avoid being cliche/too vague with your answers.
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