Winter vac schemes clashing with university commitments?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Blair, Oct 8, 2019.

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    I am wondering whether many finalists are applying for winter vac schemes even if they clash with the last few weeks of the autumn university term. My term finishes on the 13th December and a lot of the vac schemes begin on the 9th Oct, and during that week I have a lot of tutorials and seminars (not just lectures).

    I'm not sure whether to apply for these winter vac schemes anyway and miss these commitments? Is that a position that many finalists are forced to take?

    Also, re Spring vac schemes, are people not concerned that these are very time consuming when we have exams and coursework to prepare?
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    It depends on your course and commitments for that last week, and obviously how confident you feel going into any assessments/exams. Some people will miss a week, but many others won’t risk it - it’s such a personal decision.

    Same with Spring schemes - some people will have dissertations to hand in just after Easter, some will have handed it in before hand and then have a fairly big enough gap before exams start in late May. Some unis will start exams in late April though.
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    I am an international student meaning my visa prevents me doing both winter and spring VS as my compulsory classes are clashing with VS dates. Even though I can manage both my uni work and the VS, I am limited to do only summer VS and direct TC apps. I tried to negotiate with my uni, but they told me the rules are really firm. One of the firms I wanted to apply are not considering finalists for summer VS. So I feel disadvantaged compared to other students.

    I think many other students are applying for winter VS.
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    Do consider applying for a direct TC if you still have your heart set on that firm. Visa restrictions was one of the reasons I did only direct TCs in my final cycle, and I was offered a TC with a firm that I couldn't complete a VS with due to visa restrictions in the previous cycle. I didn't find the application process different with direct TCs and VSs.
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