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    Commercial awareness resources: collated list of pros and cons

    Do you pay for TheLawyer? It's super expensive :(
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    Dress code

    What do you class as smart casual?
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    Commercial Awareness

    If anyone listens to podcast, there are some great ones for commercial awareness, including: The Economist (Radio/The Week Ahead/Editor's Picks), The FT (News/Alphachat/Banking Weekly/World Weekly/The Big Read/Politics), BBC Global News Podcast, BBC 4 Six O' Clock News, Bloomberg Opinion...
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    Law Tech training contract

    Yeah I saw that, I think it's closed for apps this year now. Tbh I still don't really know what law tech means though, whether it's just like advanced IT software or something more complicated?
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    Post your vacation scheme here

    Only because I didn't apply to any London firms. Was hoping to find other people in the same boat as most people I know is also applying to London!
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    Post your vacation scheme here

    I live in Bristol and honestly, London just doesn't really attract me. I think in Bristol I'll get to be at a good firm but also get the benefit of a better work life balance. I think later I can always move to London if I change my mind.
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    Post your vacation scheme here

    Hey not sure if I count but I've also got two schemes in Summer: Simmons & Simmons Osborne Clarke (both in Bristol). Did you apply to any firms in London?
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    What podcasts do you listen to?

    Hey sorry for the late response but yeah I have. Some of his podcasts are great but have you seen him online? He seems really shady trying to get people to invest.
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    Vote for a weekly commercial awareness topic

    Love the idea! I think you might be doing this already but if not I'd suggest the impact of Trump's tariffs on law firms. I was thinking about discussing the topic on an application so some pointers would help a lot.
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    What podcasts do you listen to?

    Is anyone else a big fan of podcasts? I'm a bit obsessive over them :P Some of my current favourites: Hardcore history by Dan Harris How I built this by NPR Tim Ferris Waking up by Sam Harris Startup school radio by Y Combinator (you can see I like startup stuff!) Joe Rogan And then when I'm...
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    Ask me anything: Latham & Watkins trainee

    Hey thanks for getting back to me. What would you say are your typical hours at the moment?
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    Ask me anything: Latham & Watkins trainee

    Hey Nicole, can I ask how are your hours?
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    Introduction to LawTech

    I am very interested too!
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    What's the hardest interview question you've ever had?

    Oh gosh how did you answer it?
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    Commercial News Summary - February 2018

    Hahaha how did you know! Actually I've been asked about the impact of interest rates a few times during interviews, would you mind explaining what the consequences are? And how does it impact law firms? I understand that interest rates has something to do with exchange rates and inflation but...

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