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  1. E

    Sports Law Issues - VS Application Research

    Hi all, I am currently writing an application for a sports law firm VS. The application has a question as follows: "What do you see as the biggest legal issue currently facing sport?" I have done some initial research and come up with issues relating to European sports governance, disputes...
  2. H

    Disclosing past mental health problem in application

    Hi, I am applying for a vac scheme, where the question asks my greatest achievement to date. I am using a sporting achievement, and one aspect that I mention is fact that it required a lot of resilience, as I had to eat a lot, but had just recovered from an eating disorder. Is this...
  3. E

    What am I doing wrong?

    Hi, all! So my question is probably redundant because I can't really put my applications down verbatim, but I have applied to I think 4 vac schemes/1 TC so far and all have been rejections at the application stage. I have never got past that stage to an interview or assessment centre, but have...
  4. K

    Ambiguous application questions

    Hi, I'm a final-year law student currently applying for TCs. I stumbled upon an application where the only real 'application question' concerned me as a person and what I have achieved in 600 words. Nothing implied of writing about why I want to work with them specifically, why I want to become...
  5. manchesterunistudent3000

    Is repeating a year okay? Uni degree

    Hi guys, I find myself in a very awkward position and I'm not entirely sure who to turn to. I have had a really difficult academic journey. When initially applying to university, my sister got raped and both of my grandparents died right around A-levels. This affected my mental healthy...
  6. Jacob Miller

    Should you apply for a vacation scheme or a training contract? Finding your best application type!

    Introduction The pathway to a training contract at a commercial law firm can be bumpy. More often than not, candidates will make multiple applications, to multiple firms, usually across multiple application cycles. With that in mind, understanding whether one should consider applying for a...
  7. K

    Shakespeare Martineau Application Question

    Hi everyone, I am about to apply to SM for a TC and the first question is 'Our ambition at Shakespeare Martineau is to be in the Top 30 Law Firms in the UK by 2025. Please identify two of the areas of law that we practice, and advise on the actions those teams should take to enable them to play...
  8. Katie Swift

    Russell-Cooke application question - help!

    'If you couldn't work in law, what do you think you would do and why?' (300 words) (Russell-Cooke application question) I'm having a little trouble answering this question, I'm not sure if you should relate the career path to qualities that the firm wants? Or should you just do something...
  9. A

    Work Experience 50 words

    Hi All I am currently drafting a vac scheme application and the work experience section has a 50-word limit! I would really appreciate any advice/tips on what should be included in this v.small word limit. Thanks!
  10. Laurenjosephine


    I really don't understand how I am meant to approach this question?! "What is it about the profile of the Boodle Hatfield client base which attracts you?"
  11. Laurenjosephine

    Client Focus Question

    On Withers' application, they ask for you to tell them about a time you delivered 'client focus' but I'm not really sure what that is? Would working in a supermarket be an example? Would using another example for my time working in a supermarket be repetitive because I can't think of anything...
  12. Laurenjosephine

    Missing A Level Grade Requirements

    I achieved ABB in my A Levels, but some firms require that you have AAB at A Level. Would this entirely write off my application/ruin my chances of being considered, even if I am on track for 2.1?
  13. A

    Why do you want to be a solicitor at an *international law firm*?

    Hi all. Obviously, this is a standard question. However, I note that firms differ in how they phrase the question - some firms simply ask "why a commercial solicitor", and others "why a commercial solicitor at an *international* firm". All the firms I'm applying to are "international firms", so...
  14. A

    Extracurricular activities question

    A question for one of my vac scheme applications is: Please provide details of your main extracurricular interests and achievements. How have these interests and achievements helped you to develop the skills that you will need as a commercial solicitor? What's the best way to approach this? Is...
  15. N

    Free Month of TCLA Premium (Bronze) - Every Week From Monday!

    Hi everyone, As some of you may remember, at TCLA we have a tradition of running a weekly giveaway of TCLA Premium subscriptions based on contributions to the forum. As the new year approaches, we'd love to start this again! Therefore, every Monday (starting Monday the 4th of January), the...
  16. A

    What do you hope to get out of a career at a Firm like ours?

    Hi everyone, I am completing an application to Debevoise and came across the following question: What do you hope to get out of a career at a Firm like ours? (250) I feel like it is quite similar to the questions "why do you want to become a commercial solicitor", could anyone tell me what...
  17. E

    If clients are increasingly unwilling to pay high fees, how else can law firms make money?

    I've seen a few variations of this question, e.g.: given that London clients are not willing to pay as high fees as Wall Street clients, how can UK firms stay competitive against US firms? or How can firms survive the proliferation of AI which may render charging high fees for services...
  18. M&M

    Is it okay to answer an application question using information from the firm's article?

    Hi everyone, I am applying for a vacation scheme with Bird & Bird and am trying to answer the question "Based on your research, what do you understand to be the biggest opportunity for one of the sectors in which we specialise? (Max:150)" I was planning on writing about the use of blockchain...
  19. E

    Ropes & Gray Vacation Scheme Question and Application Advice

    Hi guys, I was wondering what advice and approach you would give in answering the below commercial law question: "What three proposals would you make to the Partnership if you were Chairperson of Ropes & Gray?" Also, if anyone has had any success with an application to the firm, any tips...
  20. V

    How to write mitigating circumstances?

    Hi everyone. Hope you all are well. I am creating a thread for the first time, kindly pardon my mistakes, if any. I have been applying for vacation schemes but I do not understand how to write the mitigating circumstances. Unfortunately, I have faced mitigating circumstances that have affected...