Introducing TCLA's Weekly Writing Tips!

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    The fastest way to improve your vacation scheme and training contract applications is to improve your writing skills. Good writing makes an application stand out. It makes your personality shine through, raises your credibility, and most of all, is enjoyable to read. That’s refreshing, especially for a recruiter who has read hundreds of similar application forms all week.

    I'm pleased to introduce TCLA's writing column, which aims to provide weekly actionable writing tips to help you develop your applications, as well as your general writing skills. This will be brought to you by @Hazal.

    Hazal is a recent English Literature graduate currently working in FinTech. She's a passionate communicator and enjoys interacting with likeminded people through her writing as well as in person. If she isn't doing either, you can find her bingeing on a good book or Netflix series.

    I looked at one of Hazal's applications a few months ago and her answer to the question: "Tell me about a news story that interests you", was one of the best I have ever read. Keep an eye on her first article, which will be posted later today!
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