TCLA Direct Training Contract Applications Discussion Thread 2021-22 (#1)

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Jan 2, 2022
As an incoming third-year student with no vacation scheme experience, would it be better for me to apply to Travers Smith's winter/summer vacation scheme than their direct TC? I feel I would have a better shot at getting on a vacation scheme than the TC, and I don't want to waste the one interview I may have with the firm if I somehow get past the application phase, yet fail at the interview to other applicants that have had vacation scheme experience.

Bradley Draper

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Nov 11, 2020
Does anyone know how to answer the question 'Where should we open an office next?' I have no idea where to start.
Firstly, I would start by looking at areas where the firm has offices located (won't look too good if you suggest somewhere they already have an office), then secondly I would find some international commercial news relating to a practice area in which the firm specialises. For example, if you find an article talking about the growth of fintech in Nigeria, and the firm you're applying to specialises in innovation / financial services, you'll be able to justify your choice.


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Jun 16, 2022
I'm not sure if anyone here will be able to answer my question, or if there even is an answer, but will applying to a law firm the next cycle after failing the AC be seen as a negative thing? I know some Law Firms like TS state that they do not interview people who have previously interviewed for a TC or VS. I've failed to secure anything this year, and the only AC for direct TC was my dream firm. Next year I'm thinking of doing Vacation Schemes to increase my chances, even though I'm approaching 26, but if I failed at the AC they might not consider me again for the VS.
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