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TCLA Vacation Scheme Applications Discussion Thread 2021-22 (#1)

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Dec 21, 2019
Hi does anyone know what the application questions and word limits were for the applications of the following firms

Ashurst (VS)
Covington & Burling (VS)
Stephenson Harwood (VS)
Hogan Lovells (VS)


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Nov 14, 2020
Hi does anyone know what the application questions and word limits were for the applications of the following firms

Ashurst (VS)
Covington & Burling (VS)
Stephenson Harwood (VS)
Hogan Lovells (VS)

Please use this sector to tell us about yourself, your skills, achievements, and why you want to train as a solicitor and work for Ashurst. (750 words max)

Please summarise for us what a commercial lawyer does (250)

Please tell us about a recent news article that interests you and how this relates to Ashurst? (300)

Hogan Lovells: I think each answer was supposed to be 250 long but not entirely sure.

Sustaining a successful and profitable practice requires both commercial awareness and innovative thinking. Tell us about something that you have done that shows you have a strong innovative or entrepreneurial spirit.

We set our standards high, and we trust our people to hold themselves accountable for meeting other people's expectations. Describe a time when you had to drop everything and really 'raise your game' in order to keep a promise you had made to someone else. How did you manage both this and your other commitments?

Tell us about any open days and events that you have attended in the legal sector

Please detail below any further information that you would like us to consider when reviewing your application (Optional)
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  • Nov 30, 2020
    Thought I'd jump on @ZaraB's bandwagon and share that I've also accepted a TC offer! It definitely felt like a far off pipe dream for so long (especially after falling short at AC stage last cycle but securing a TC with the same firm this year) but this is testament that your day will come and I believe in all of you :)

    If anyone wants advice or someone to rant to, my DMs are open. I would also like to say that the Law Firm Profiles on the TCLA Premium Subscription were so helpful to see the type of detail to go into with my applications, as well as the Joe Mallet Application Practice Course (https://www.jmral.com/about-jmr). And of course this forum was great to make friends and connect with my now future colleagues (@ZaraB is stuck with me now!). Thanks again to @Jaysen and @Jessica Booker for making this such a great resource for applicants!
    so happy for you :))))
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    Dec 6, 2018
    If anyone's done the V&E vacation scheme, do you remember when grad rec said they'd get back to us with offers? Was it towards the end of August (I could be misremembering this)?
    Grad rec said they would get back to everyone mid-August, so I think everyone will hear back on week of 15th August! Hope that helps and good luck also! :)
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    Oct 25, 2021
    Now that I have had a couple of days to let it sink in I can say that I have (finally) received a TC offer from one of the VSs I undertook this summer. So even if the other firm says no when I hear the outcome I still never have to do another TC application again!

    Thanks to @Jaysen @Jessica Booker and the gang in the writing group (@Adrian_S @S87 @Raynz @Alison C @lawnoob ) and everyone else who makes this forum what it is - it’s so refreshing to be able to ask those questions and share knowledge with people without fear of judgement or lack of understanding. As much as my friends and family try none of them are in law so the assistance is limited!

    This was my third application cycle and first time applying for VSs (I always did direct before as I worked and couldn’t use annual leave for VSs). I’m a state schooled, first to go to uni, 2.1 non-RG graduate without A levels who worked full time or almost full time throughout university so didn’t have a huge host of extra curriculars on my CV. It can be done!

    I’m still gonna stick around here and help out where I can, and my messages are open for anyone that has any q’s or wants a chat!
    This has been so heartwarming to read! Seeing the forum come together in these ways is one of the best parts of my job. Working together is so much more productive and healthy than engaging in unnecessary competition, and this will 100% make working in commercial law that much more joyful. So happy for you and everything you've achieved @Abii 👏👏👏


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    Jan 15, 2021
    Hi guys, how would you suggest practicing/learning how law firms can advise businesses for AC commercial questions?

    I’m able to identify how commercial issues affect businesses, but how do I learn about what legal advice should be given in response? I feel like there’s no way for me to learn about ALL and EVERY legal response, so are there specific ones that come up a lot in the commercial part of interviews?

    Any tips or resources would be greatly appreciated!
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