When the recruiters say ‘no’

When the recruiters say ‘no’

Jaysen Sutton -

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It’s going to sting. You’ll feel like crap. ⁣

In one short email, there goes your dream of a future with that firm. Maybe you’re not cut out for this? ⁣

Let yourself be sad, that’s okay. It’s a testament to how much you cared.⁣

Then, ask for feedback. ⁣

Take it gracefully, even if it’s unhelpful. And it probably will be. That’s not because a recruiter is trying to be unhelpful, but because it’s genuinely hard to explain why you were ‘good, but not good enough’. Just focus on what the recruiter is trying to communicate.⁣

Now, if you only interviewed at one firm, a ‘no’ doesn’t mean anything. Go apply to more firms.⁣

If you keep facing rejection, ask yourself:⁣

• How are you selling your story?⁣
• How can you make yourself more memorable?⁣
• How do you convey your motivations in a way that leaves a recruiter with zero doubt?⁣
• What skills do you need to work on to leave an impression on the interviewer?⁣

Exceptional candidates aren’t the candidates who never received rejections. They’re the ones who faced rejections and picked themselves back up, time after time. They’re the ones who said: ‘Fine, but I know that I’m good at what I do, and I’ll keep trying.’

They’re the ones who became exceptional as a result of the rejections they received.