Taylor Wessing

When was your Taylor Wessing interview? 

February 2017

What was it for? 

Vacation Scheme

Please describe the interview process at Taylor Wessing.

The assessment centre lasted for half a day. We sat down in the waiting area until all the attendees had arrived. We were then split up. Half the group would have their individual interviews first while the other half had the group exercise, and then vice versa. I had my group exercise first. We were roughy 5-6 people and were watched by a panel of assessors. The exercise was a company who had some money and resources and had to decide how to split that up. Each person was given a role in the company and we each had some information the others did not have which was relevant to how much money we needed. After our discussion ended and we decided what to do, we presented our plan to the panel and took questions. After this, we were taken to the waiting area where we had some tea and refreshments. Following this, we had our interview. We had some time alone in the room to read another case study. The interview itself was a typical one – looking for competency questions, why the firm, why law, why me, and looking at my interests.

What advice would you give to future applicants for the Taylor Wessing interview?

For the group interview, they are looking for teamwork, communication, and seeing how you discuss and your personal style. It is results-driven and you have limited time, so make sure you decide on your final plan. Display some commercial awareness – but don’t speak just for the sake of speaking. Try to suggest time-keeping right at the start. Bring in your own knowledge a best as you can (I remember I managed to talk about Uber at the time as it was relevant to the case study and topical at that time).

For the interview case study, again, commercial awareness needs to be displayed. Think about how would the business come to Taylor Wessing, what advice would Taylor Wessing give specifically, how would they would form a relationship. The question required you to list some pros and cons, so try to display critical thinking and evaluate those pros and cons. The first 15-20 minutes will be discussing this case study and then it will fall into a competency based interview. Make sure you read through your application and have examples ready for your motivation to Taylor Wessing. What other firms did you apply for, why law etc.

Vacation scheme interviewee:

  1. A group case study exercise + presentation (1h) – It included the standard (introduction of a crisis) midway into the discussion.
  2. Following the case study, there was a commercial awareness partner interview (managing partner + senior associate – 1.5h) – it was in the finance sector. There wasn’t too much of a focus on my strengths. They really wanted an indepth knowledge of how a business was run and expected me to be VERY aware of business news and how it related to Taylor Wessing.