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  1. B

    CC Ignite TC Application Questions

    Hi everyone, I was wondering whether anyone could advise whether I need to talk to graduate recruitment about this. The questions on the online application system are: In no more than 250 words, what are your motivations for applying to Clifford Chance? You may wish to include any relevant...
  2. J

    Poor GCSEs, TC's and mitigating circumstances

    Hi, can anybody help me with how having poor GCSEs will affect me with gaining training contracts, and other schemes I'm wanting to apply to in order to improve my application. I'm talking really bad here. I left school with only 3 passes, being 3 GCSEs grade 4 and above. I had to resit my maths...
  3. S

    Clifford Chance - Details of Previous Rejections of TC

    Hi all, thanks so much to everyone for some help on discussing rejections previously in another post ( - it surely made me a lot more comfortable talking about them! For Clifford...
  4. Armiie

    Everyone's saying it's over for me & I haven't even began my journey

    Hello, I hope this long post finds you well during such tough times. I'd truly appreciate any advice. I'm 19 and currently studying Computer Science at a non-RG University. My goal has always been to eventually go into law, but following some difficult times during & after my A levels, I...
  5. B

    Clifford Chance TC commencing 2023

    Hi, I’m looking to apply for the TC for Clifford Chance and have a few questions! • Could we include virtual internships/insight schemes as part of the “work experience” section? • Does scoring a 2:2 in one module (but scoring good 2:1s in the rest of the modules) hinder the application at...
  6. S

    Clifford Chance Application

    Hi I applied for CC Middle East training contract, and my application was updated on the 17th December but still did not receive any response. I read the forums and saw some people got invited to AC at CC, so I was just wondering if I should email the graduate recruitment to enquire before it's...
  7. C

    Clifford Chance Assessment Day interview?

    Hey I have received an assessment day invite from CC and I am worried that I won't perform as well in the assessment day because I didn't attend their open day (I was rejected). For example when answering 'why CC' I feel like my answer will be generic because it is mostly based on what I...
  8. P

    Clifford Chance application

    Hi all CC only has one application question and it’s about hobbies and achievements. I was wondering if anyone had any advice on how to approach this? Do I need to link it back to the firm somehow? Thanks!
  9. M

    How to optimise the use of a contact within Clifford Chance?

    In July of this year, I was invited down to the Clifford Chance office in London to meet with a partner in the M&A department for a 1-on-1 chat and a tour of the London office. It wasn't part of any formal open day or vac scheme process, I had obtained this connection through a CFO I interviewed...
  10. S

    A&O and CC interview

    Hello, i am aware for both AC's there is a case study interview. If anyone has any guidance please can you let me know how I can prep for them, and if there are practice ones available at all online. I've never done a case study interview before so have no idea what to expect, would really...
  11. FutureCity

    Clifford Chance - Assessment Day - Training Contract

    Hey, Was wondering if anyone had heard back from Clifford Chance for a Training Contract (especially for Middle East). When should I expect to potentially hear back for the assessment center date/interview? Best, S
  12. Hazal

    How to approach this 600 word question for Clifford Chance

    Clifford Chance have chosen to be a bit radical this year by asking applicants (I believe it's their only question?): You have told us about your academic achievements and work experience and now, in no more than 600 words, we are keen to hear more about you. This should include your...

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