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  1. D

    CMS 2022 Application Help

    Hi! There is a question on my CMS Academy application that I'm stuck on. The question asks 'In your view, what steps should a law firm take to put client relationships at the forefront of its strategy?'. Do I talk about innovation or seeking to understand the client holistically as knowing...
  2. Aspiringlawyer14

    First year scheme dilemma!!

    Hi All, I just had 2 questions that I would love any help with Firstly, let's say you've secured 2 first-year schemes. Firm A is lasting for one whole week (no fast track), whereas Firm B has a one day workshop in the middle of Firm A's scheme dates. If I have secured both would it be silly...
  3. R

    CMS 'Relationship Firm'

    This question in the CMS Academy application form is bothering me: In your own words, explain one key strategy that CMS is implementing to become the leading relationship law firm. (200 words) I do feel like it's being deliberately vague, and there's various different things it could be...
  4. tt_xo

    CMS Opportunities 2021/22

    Hi guys, I thought I should just pop on here and let you know that I am a brand ambassador at CMS for the 2021/22 academic year! It might be useful for me to share some of the most relevant opportunities CMS has available for this year. Applications for both the CMS Academy and the CMS First...
  5. C

    CMS Assessment Centre

    Hi! Does anybody have any insight into the assessment centre process for CMS Academy and what to prep for it, specifically the partner interview? Feel free to DM me! I am so nervous and would love to have a chat about it if you've been through it before! Thank you! :)
  6. C

    CMS Academy Video Interview

    Hello! Just thought I would make a post to see if anyone had any insight into the CMS Video Interview and what to expect? I am currently trying to prep around why this firm questions, alongside general situational and competency questions, but if anybody has any direction as to what sort of...
  7. J

    CMS Opportunities SCOTLAND!

    Hi everybody! I am a brand ambassador for CMS this year specifically in Scotland and at the University of Glasgow! I wanted to start this thread specifically for anybody who is undertaking a Scottish law degree as the process and eligibility can differ! If you are undertaking an English law...
  8. S

    CMS application question

    Hi everyone, I'm stuck on answering CMS' app question "How would you describe the relationship between law and business?" I'm struggling with how vague the question is, what exactly am i supposed to answer here? Any ideas to get me started would be fab thanks!
  9. S

    CMS Application 2020

    Hey guys, I've applied for the CMS Academy 2020 and had some questions about the whole process. If anyone can answer that would be much appreciated! 1) After the online application form, which test are applicants asked to complete? I've read online that it's a critical reasoning test - I would...
  10. S

    Region-specific Interview Prep?

    I have an interview at CMS's Bristol office coming up. For the previous application stages I just wrote about why CMS as a firm generally appeals to me, but in the interview should I be making my answers specific to the work that the Bristol office does? For example, I get the impression that...
  11. Harvey

    CMS Video Interview

    Hi, just received the news that I have been invited for CMS Academy Video Interview. Was wondering if anyone had any insight into video interviews in general? What type of questions should I expect? How do you act in a video interview? Any other tips for preparation? If you have...

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