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  1. R

    Slaughter and May 2026 TC

    Hey has anyone recently interviewed with Slaughters in the past week or two. The post-interview wait is absolutely agonising.
  2. summerlee780

    Final Stage Paralegal Interview Tips?

    Hi everyone, I have a final stage interview for an antitrust paralegal role at major US firm next week... The first stage was submitting the application and I had my first interview a few days after (which was an interview with a HR representative as well as the head of the paralegal team at...
  3. P

    Greenberg Traurig

    Hi all - I have an AC next week with Greenberg Traurig. All I know is that there's two interviews, a written exercise and a group presentation. I've only done an AC at one other big US firm, and I didn't get through, so it's safe to say I'm a little nervous 😅 As a result, I was wondering if...
  4. F

    Clashing interviews

    Hey guys, Was just wondering. Hypothetically, if I have an interview for a training contract which clashes with 1 day of a 2 week vac scheme which could potentially give me a TC depending on how well I perform, would it be unprofessional of me to miss a day of the second vac scheme to attend...
  5. S

    Rejected after vacation scheme interview

    I interviewed for a vac scheme last week, and yesterday I received a rejection email with no feedback. I requested feedback and just heard back from the recruiter. I was told that I did not provide 'extensive responses' to questions. The interview was scheduled to be a 15min interview, and I was...
  6. baileyjozef

    Allen & Overy Winter Vac Scheme 2022

    Hey all was just wondering if anyone had a rough idea how long A&O generally take to get back to you following assessment days? Had mine last Wednesday (12th October) but can’t find any consensus as to when I should stop expecting a call and just assume the worst. Thanks!
  7. CC77

    WBD Video Interview

    Hi everyone! I’ve been invited to complete a video interview for Womble Bond Dickinson. I have little experience completing pre-recorded video interviews, so I’m very nervous. I was wondering if anyone has an insight into what sort of questions come up as well as any general advice? Thanks!
  8. lawnoob

    Hogan lovells paralegal interview help

    Hi everyone, I have a first stage paralegal zoom interview coming up next week. The HR administrator let me know that the interview with GR will of "job duties of this role and your previous experiences" and will only last 30 minutes. Does anyone know what sort of questions they might...
  9. George Maxwell

    Share your interview nightmares, sticky situations and stories!

    Hey everyone, I thought it would be fun to start a thread about interview fears! It would be interesting (even therapeutic) to hear about the community’s biggest interview fears and/or interview nightmares (both law and non-law!). This is a place to share: · situations that, in theory...
  10. S

    How to Explain Rejections in Interviews?

    Hi all, would appreciate some insights in the matter. I have previously completed some vacation schemes at international law firms, but did not convert them into any training contract. I am quite sure in the coming HR and/or graduate recruitment panel interviews, the interviewers will be quite...
  11. N

    Government Legal Department TC

    Hey guys - I am thinking of applying next year and was wondering if anyone has any tips on what behaviors and strengths to focus based on this year's experience?
  12. N

    Government Legal Department TC

    Hey guys - I am thinking of applying next year and was wondering if anyone has any tips on what behaviors and strengths to focus based on this year's experience?
  13. S

    Baker McKenzie AC 2021

    Hi all, just wanted to ask if anyone here’s done the Baker McKenzie assessment centre this year and if so what your experience of it was ie. what sort of issues/questions did you come across in your case study/competency interview, document checking exercise and group exercise? Any...
  14. S

    WBD Paralegal Interview

    I have my first ever paralegal interview tomorrow with Womble Bond Dickinson and looking if anyone has some advice they'd like to share please because I am super nervous. I have done ACs for vac schemes previously, but I'd like to know if I should approach this differently in any way. Also, is...
  15. A

    Taylor Vinters 2021 Assessment Day

    Does anybody have any tips for the TV AC? Particularly in terms of interview questions and style?
  16. Jacob Miller

    Definitive Guide to Law Firm Interviews! *Monday Article Series*

    In this week's (slightly delayed - sorry!) Article, we take a look at law firm interviews. Introduction Almost every law firm’s application process involves some form of interview. This style of interview is designed to find out about your motivations, experiences, skills and characteristics...
  17. A

    Watson Farley Williams video interviews

    Struggling to find information on how long you have to answer the questions. I understand there/s a minute-and-a-half to prepare, but does anyone know how long to give the actual answers? Thanks!
  18. Jacob Miller

    Car Crash Interview anecdotes

    With the application season in full swing, I was thinking back through some of the trials and tribulations of my own experiences going through the process. With that in mind, I wanted to share the story of my first interview- hopefully, as a bit of reassurance (and a good laugh) for those who...
  19. E

    should solicitors challenge their partners/superiors?

    this is the kind of question that I find particularly hard in situational interviews/tests. E.g. you've been working on a project and are almost done, but then your boss tells you that there's been a massive change and you need to start over again. Or, something like helping your client pay as...
  20. Z

    Interview on Rolling Basis

    Hello, I have an interview coming up for a winter scheme at a firm that recruits on a rolling basis. I selected the last interview slot available and I was wondering if I have hindered my chances by doing this? I originally did this so I had maximum time to prepare, but now I am worried that I...

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