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  1. Aspiringlawyer14

    First year scheme dilemma!!

    Hi All, I just had 2 questions that I would love any help with Firstly, let's say you've secured 2 first-year schemes. Firm A is lasting for one whole week (no fast track), whereas Firm B has a one day workshop in the middle of Firm A's scheme dates. If I have secured both would it be silly...
  2. A

    2nd year law student query on a legal career within the corporate world

    Hi all! I have come across many forums that relate to law to try and get some general advice on what direction I should be focusing on to have a legal career. My situation is very difficult, partly due to covid, but I do want to take most accountability for the reason why I put myself in such...
  3. I

    Vacation Schemes for second year law (on four year course)

    Hi, I am on a four year law course with a year abroad and am wondering which firms I can apply to for vacation schemes when in my second year?
  4. A

    Watson Farley Williams video interviews

    Struggling to find information on how long you have to answer the questions. I understand there/s a minute-and-a-half to prepare, but does anyone know how long to give the actual answers? Thanks!
  5. A

    Why do you want to be a solicitor at an *international law firm*?

    Hi all. Obviously, this is a standard question. However, I note that firms differ in how they phrase the question - some firms simply ask "why a commercial solicitor", and others "why a commercial solicitor at an *international* firm". All the firms I'm applying to are "international firms", so...
  6. Armiie

    Getting an internship as a non-law student

    Hi, hope this finds you well :) I wanted to ask if it was possible for me to get a legal internship at a MC / any other firm? I don't study law, I study computer science. But I am planning on going into law after my degree. I have heard conflicting things. - some say I CANNOT get a legal...
  7. Armiie

    Everyone's saying it's over for me & I haven't even began my journey

    Hello, I hope this long post finds you well during such tough times. I'd truly appreciate any advice. I'm 19 and currently studying Computer Science at a non-RG University. My goal has always been to eventually go into law, but following some difficult times during & after my A levels, I...
  8. 0

    Case Study Resources

    Hi, I was wondering if i could please get me some advise regarding TCLA and case study prep. Most AC’s have a case study element. This is not my strongest area and I want to improve it but practising case studies similar to what law firms give. How do you suggest i should go about this...
  9. Daniel Boden

    Bird & Bird Assessment Centre

    Hi guys, Following on from my video interview I have been invited to an AC with Bird & Bird. I just wondered if anyone had any experience with the firm and with what the day entails/what sort of things you do? Any advice and tips would be much appreciated! Thanks and Merry Christmas, Daniel
  10. M

    Shoosmiths Insight Evening

    Hi Guys, So I've been invited to the Shoosmiths Insight Evening in Manchester. Has anyone been to an insight evening with Shoosmiths before and how would you advise me to prepare for it? P.S. Is anyone else coming to the insight evening in Manchester this January.
  11. Daniel Boden

    Challenges and Opportunities for law firms

    This question often comes up in applications and I think that one opportunity for law firms is expanding into emerging markets such as China. I recently found this article from The Lawyer magazine which I think offers a really good insight into China's Belt and Road initiative and the...
  12. Daniel Boden

    Macfarlanes Vacation Scheme Application Form

    Hi guys, Just thought I'd create this thread so people who are thinking of applying to Macfarlanes can bounce their ideas off each other. I myself did an Insight Scheme at the firm last year and, as a result, was able to go through the application form in a fair amount of detail with the...

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