2020-21 Vacation Scheme Applications Discussion

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  • Jan 20, 2019
    I really am at a loss after three cycles, I used all the resources I could get from my university careers service to TCLA, but really feels like I'm never actually going to secure anything.

    Hey, you're really not alone in feeling like this. There's a lot of luck involved in this process sometimes and it sucks that things haven't been going your way recently but the fact that you have done a VS is a great testament to the fact that you are good enough and will definitely secure something. Keep going, your time and that little bit of luck you need, it will come. 💓


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    Nov 14, 2019
    Email from Fieldfisher that includes the words 'I am sorry..' but then goes on to apologize for the wait in hearing back... defo thought that was a PFO for a full minute
    I emailed a local firm in Sixth Form to enquire about getting some work experience/shadowing. They emailed back "I'm very sorry to say that the only solicitor in our team who can accommodate you during that week is David. You're very welcome to join him but he's a bit of a dull arsehole. Yours respectfully, David". He was the most lovely human being I've ever met and a truly incredible lawyer.
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