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LPC ULaw How To Study


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Nov 25, 2019
Hi Guys, I've just started the LPc at ULaw and am struggling to get into a rhythm of how to make notes/study/organise all the study material - does anyone have any tips on this?
I always see loads of people online using tabs to mark important places in the text book but not sure what they are marking (might just be too early in the course for me to have figured everything out)
Would love any sort of insight into what others found worked for them!

Is just reading the textbook enough? would I have to make my own notes from the text book or can I just ensure that I know where all the information is and tab everything for the exam?

Thanks for your help!


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Oct 3, 2021
Hey! Hope you are enjoying the LPC so far.

In my view, the most efficient way to approach the LPC is to do everything with the exam in mind. It is an open book exam at ULaw, so people often tab things so they can find topics quickly during the exam. For the core and elective modules, the parts of the textbook you might need will be the issues that your workshop tasks (which I think are now called engage tasks) focus on.

It might be too early for you to get into the flow of this, especially if you have just started the core modules very recently.

The other thing to consider is, will tabs actually work for you? Don’t put loads of tabs into your books just because everyone else is doing it. I personally didn’t rely on tabs, I found it easiest to make my own notes and use them as my key aid during exams. I therefore put all the relevant page references directly into my notes, so if my notes weren’t sufficient, I knew what page to turn to. The idea of having so many tabs and struggling to find the right tab during the exam just stresses me out!

In terms of whether to make your own notes, I highly recommend doing so. You can incorporate model answers, checklists from your tutors, as well as explainations of the topics in your own words. Not to mention that making notes helps you consolidate your knowledge!

Good luck with the LPC!
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