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TCLA Vacation Scheme Applications Discussion Thread 2022-23


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Mar 26, 2021
Does anyone know when Hogan Lovells sends out a WG invite (I.e., immediate or a couple days later)? I recall it’s automatically sent.

Also, it would be great to know if we need to complete this test before the deadline.
hi I applied to HL's summer vs on the deadline and was sent the test a few days later
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That’s fantastic, massive well done 🤩
I applied on the 3rd so not looking hopeful. This is my first round of applications and I think, having just done the Ropes&Gray training sesh, I’ve fluffed them all 🤣 ah well, practice run to learn all my lessons in preparation for the real thing next time :)

Fingers crossed for you that all the next stages go well. I’m sure they will!
Thank you again ! And yeah this is my first application round and it can be so stressful at times 🤣 and I’ve gotten so many rejections both before and after taking WG and SJT. I know there are still a few firms that have their applications open , I would check on the Legal Cheek’s deadline calendar to find out!


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  • Dec 8, 2022
    Just received an email for EY's vac scheme saying this:

    'Unfortunately we don’t have a role for you at the moment and, with regret, we need to withdraw your application. However, we’ve spent a lot of time reviewing your application and you do have positive results so far. We would like to keep your application, and if anything changes we will invite you to resume your application from where you left off.'

    But the portal doesn't show it was withdrawn?

    Jessica Booker

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    Aug 1, 2019
    @Jessica Booker I attended a remote AC recently. I was supposed to join a 15-minute Zoom call right after my associate/HR interview. However my internet crashed right after the interview - I panicked for a bit and by the time I got it back up the 15 minutes was up. I emailed grad rec after apologising for this and told them that I am happy to reschedule a 15-minute call with the trainee at another time - they haven't gotten back to me since.

    I can't help but feel super guilty for wasting their time and that a trainee was probably waiting on a call for 15 minutes but I didn't show up. Would this have any effect on how my performance at AC is reviewed?

    Also, out of curiosity, at ACs firms usually let us have interaction with trainees either through a Q&A (or if in person, usually an office tour). What exactly is the point of this — is it just to help candidates feel a bit more settled and is genuinely un-assessed, or does this get fed into the assessment process in any way (e.g. will they ask trainees for feedback re whether the candidate said or did smth that would come across as rude/uninterested/unenthusiastic)? Or is this completely firm-dependent?
    Tech issues happen - I really wouldn't worry about this.

    Interactions with trainees is really a chance for the candidate to work out if the firm is right for them/fill in some time. They aren't formally assessed, but I have had enough trainees go out of their way to email me and say someone was particularly engaged/impressive or the complete opposite and a PITA. It doesn't really influence the decision and typically just verifies what's been picked up from other assessments anyway.

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