They’re Rooting For You

They’re Rooting For You

Jaysen Sutton -

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Why do law firms spend so much time and money on open days, workshops and social events?⁣

Why do they sponsor societies, run brand ambassador programmes and build substantial social media followings?⁣

They don’t do it so they can revel in rejecting you after interview.⁣

Law firms want talent. But not just any talent. They want the best talent. They want to find the candidate who is smart, confident and interesting. They want the candidate who is personable, who is genuine, and who has the potential to become a future partner at their firm.⁣

They want you to be that candidate.⁣

Too often, interviewers find someone who is brilliant on paper. But they walk into a room and don’t make eye contact. They self-deprecate. They downplay their successes. They don’t believe they are worth something.⁣

It’s disappointing because they could have been that candidate. In fact, the interviewer believed they were that candidate. But this person talked themselves out of being offered a job. The interviewer had no choice but to reject them.⁣

You’ve got to decide. Do you really believe you deserve a training contract? And if you do really believe that, you need to start acting like it. Be proud of your achievements. Hold your head high. Do the things a person worthy of a training contract would do.⁣

You might just find the law firms start chasing you.