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Jaysen Sutton -

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If I was writing an application right now:⁣

I’d know that this is my shot. My one shot to show you that I am good at what I do. It’s my shot to show you what I know deep down, that I’ll become an exceptional lawyer, that I deserve this.⁣

I’d know that I need to think for myself. I need to work out why this is truly what I want to do. I’d forget about why other people want to become lawyers. They’re not me, and if I say what they say, I won’t be authentic, and I won’t stand out.⁣

I’d realise there is beauty in being able to sell myself in an application. I can edit and experiment. I can take time to think about the way I tell my story. I can work on my writing so that when you read my application you can hear my voice.⁣

I’d make sure every single word, phrase and sentence is included for a reason. I’d know that my approach to an application reflects the kind of lawyer I’ll become. I’m not going to be someone with sloppy writing. I hold myself to high standards.⁣

I’d know that if I don’t believe in myself, and if I don’t show you exactly why I’m so good, you’ll pick one of the other thousands of applicants. I’d realise that I’m not being arrogant when I ‘sell’ my achievements because what I’m saying is true. I’ve worked so hard, and I deserve this.⁣