21st June 2019
Stand out training contract applications

Training Contract Applications: 2019 Guide to a Successful Application!

Training Contract Applications: 2019 Guide to a Successful Application! by Jaysen Sutton  This guide has now been updated for 2019 training contract applications! Get your training contract application reviewed here. When I first applied to law firms, I received few interviews and many rejections. I blamed those rejections on lots of things. My grades. My lack of legal work experience. My generic extra-curricular activities. I asked myself, was I good […]
15th May 2019
Video Interview Guide

How to prepare for a one-way video interview

The one-way video interview is on the rise: companies like Apple, Twitter, Google, and many more use a one-way video interview at some point in their hiring process. Some estimates have seen a nearly 30% increase in the use of pre-recorded interviews in the last year. While one-way interviews are a great time-saving tool for recruiters, they can be an awkward experience for the candidate. Unlike in-person interviews, one-way video […]
13th May 2019
Two people networking event paralegal

5 Reasons to network as a paralegal

Whether you are in pursuit of a training contract or a more senior paralegal role, networking is crucial in building industry connections as well making yourself known to your industry peers. Here are 5 reasons to network as a paralegal. no-repeat;center top;; auto 10px Introduction Keeping ahead of the curve The legal profession and the industry itself are changing rapidly, so naturally whether you are already in the industry or […]
12th April 2019
Landing first paralegal job

How To Land Your First Paralegal Job

Whether you are a recent graduate or going through a career change, landing your first paralegal job can be incredibly draining and frustrating. With most roles requiring some form of relevant experience, making the prospects of securing a role looking impossible. So what steps can you take to secure your first paralegal job? Today we will share with you our top tips and advice on how you could land your […]
22nd October 2018
Job fair

How to Tackle Law Fairs

Leaves are falling off trees, the evenings are getting longer – that’s right kids, it’s officially law fair season. Come every Autumn, you’ll hear the sound of trainees setting up wieldy exhibitions and painstakingly laying out piles and piles of free pens and notebooks. For any aspiring lawyer, there is no better place to hone your networking skills and discover personal insights about a vast number of firms. And when […]
5th June 2018
The watson glaser test funny

Advice and resources for the Watson Glaser Test

Advice and resources for the Watson Glaser Test  by Jessica Booker   Setting the scene Do the test when you have a fresh mind and are at your best. Your ability will be impacted if you have had a stressful day, are tired, or have been working for a long period of time before the test. Try to do it when you are alert – for instance, I am not […]
3rd April 2018

Common sense about law applications

Common sense about law applications Thanks to Ben Staveley for sharing his advice on training contract applications with our students. As you’ll see, Ben was a partner at Freshfields for 15 years and had a hand in recruitment. I encourage all of you to print his guide off, read it a few times, highlight it and have it by your side when writing your vacation scheme or training contract applications; […]
24th January 2018
robot lawyers sqe

What skills do the next generation of lawyers need?

What skills do the next generation of lawyers need? Our resident law-tech enthusiast, Jonty, writes about his experience attending Legal Cheek’s The Future of Legal Education and Training Conference held on Wednesday 23 May 2018. The original forum post can be found here. I was lucky enough to get taken along to this all day conference yesterday which featured both a cracking guest list and free breakfast & lunch, an […]