Womble Bond Dickinson

When was your Womble Bond Dickinson interview? 

March 2018

What for? 

Vacation scheme

Please describe the interview process at Womble Bond Dickinson.

The assessment centre was the longest I’ve had (I believe about 5.5 hours), but it was also the most enjoyable. It began with a casual conversation with a few other interviewees and a couple assessors about the firm’s recent merger with Womble Carlyle and the potential difficulties that could arise. This was the only chance to display any knowledge about the firm, as the rest of the day was focused on personal skills and abilities. The next step was a group exercise where we had to solve multiple logic problems and games – this was quite fun and it was nice to break up the tasks with your teammates. The final step was a rapid fire interview where you got 2-3 minutes with a total of 10-15 interviewers. Each interviewer asked a question.

What advice would you give to future applicants about the Womble Bond Dickinson interview?

  • Brush up on your logic games: there are skills / tactics you can use to make it easier on you + watch the time as it goes quickly!
  • Have really solid, quick examples for the rapid-fire interviews: you won’t have a ton of time to think of an example on the spot
  • Don’t be afraid to show your personality: most of the interviewers (even the partners) seemed up for a quick laugh
  • Take advantage of the lunch to chat with some people who work there, not just your fellow interviewees