Vacation Scheme Deadlines 2021/2022 - Law Firm List with Opening and Closing Dates


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  • Feb 17, 2018
    Hey All,

    As law firms start to announce their opening and closing dates for the upcoming vacation scheme cycle, we'll keep an updated list on this below. In all cases, we'll post only when it's verified on the firm website with the link. We will also split between Winter/Spring/Summer where the dates differ.

    Here is the initial formatting, but I will adjust this for easier reading as we grow the list of firms. There are also still plenty of firms to add: If anyone else wants to help, please comment with more firms, the relevant dates, and a link to the firm website.

    Thank you!


    Vacation Scheme Opening Dates (for 2021-2022 Vacation Schemes)

    August 2021​

    September 2021​

    October 2021​

    November 2021​


    Vacation Scheme Closing Dates (for 2021-2022 Vacation Schemes):

    Winter Deadlines

    October 2021​

    Spring Deadlines

    December 2021​

    January 2022​

    Summer Deadlines

    December 2021​

    January 2022​



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    Feb 23, 2021
    at present are there any firms that are still open for training contract applications?
    Hey! This is probably a good place to look:

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    Apr 8, 2020
    Hey! This is probably a good place to look:

    Useful list with application deadline dates. But do look into the individual firms as there are several errors on there re training contract commencement date (as in wrong year!) and also salaries quoted are lower than they actually are in some cases.
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