The European Law Students ‘Association (ELSA) is the largest international organisation for law students. ELSA provides a network for up to 44 countries in Europe and puts forward great opportunities for around 70,000 members internationally. ELSA’s main aim is to promote inclusivity and cultural awareness for law students. The University of Westminster has been a member of ELSA UK since 2015. Since then, we have been able to collaborate with our network, to ensure members receive enlightening opportunities.

As a law student, it may be difficult to find legal opportunities. At Elsa Westminster, our officers work together to ensure law students are making the most out of their time during their studies. Examples of the different opportunities our board offers are; seminars and conferences, Professional development, social events and Academic activities.

Our main aim is to build a bridge between law students and the legal field, by expanding our network, and sharing resources and events to aid legal understanding.