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Having reviewed over 70 applications this week, here’s some quick thoughts on standing out:

  1. Cut out all generic phrases or sentences. Make sure every sentence is there for a reason.
  2. Show, rather than tell. For competency questions, focus on your specific actions and let recruiters infer what skills it shows (unless it’s really not obvious).
  3. Keep your language simple. Unnecessary jargon and complicated language only shows you can’t communicate your points clearly.
  4. Choose commercial topics that genuinely interest you; your enthusiasm for the topic will show in your writing.
  5. Don’t waste lots of space describing a law firm. Use your understanding of a law firm to explain why you are applying.
  6. Try to use some evidence to back up your reasons for wanting to become a commercial lawyer.
  7. Avoid unnecessary capitalisation.
  8. It’s usually fine to abbreviate a firm but keep the references consistent.
  9. Don’t assume a recruiter will know how impressive your experiences are. It’s your job to sell your activities by being very specific about what you did and what you achieved.
  10. Be personal. Why was X personally important to you? Why does a firm’s strength in Y matter to you?