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‘We were very impressed by your performance, but we are unable to offer you a place.’

It sounds like a paradox. If I was so impressive, why was I not offered a place?⁣

Because you were technically good, but you didn’t stand out.⁣

What matters in an interview isn’t just your knowledge. It’s the way you come across.⁣

Build a relationship with your interviewer and you’re more likely to be an ‘immediate yes’.⁣

So, how do you get there?

1. Be present. You need to be in the moment, listening to the words of the interviewer, not thinking about what to say next or how you’re doing.⁣

2. Be authentic. If you try too hard to please and say things you don’t mean, something will feel off about your interview. You’ll be an ‘okay’, but forgettable, candidate. Conversely, open up about your journey, strengths and weaknesses, and you’re far more likely to have an interviewer who will fight for you.⁣

3. Believe you deserve it. Expect an interview to go badly and it will. You’ll make self-deprecating comments, self-sabotage and doubt your opinions. Truly think about the value you offer and walk into the room knowing your worth.⁣

4. Practice your delivery. It doesn’t matter how good you are if you can’t communicate clearly. Sit up. Smile. Slow down. Vary your tone. Breathe.