Convert Your Vacation Scheme Into A Training Contract

Convert Your Vacation Scheme Into A Training Contract

Jaysen Sutton -

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Be the guaranteed bet. The person who can be held at their word to do exactly as they say. Walk the talk. Show up on time, every time. Follow up when you say you will.⁣

Be intentional. Each morning, ask yourself: ‘If today was the last day of my scheme, how would I make it a success?’.⁣

Do the things that scare you. Do the things you’ll be proud of whether or not you get the offer. Do the things that you would do if fear wasn’t holding you back. Feel that fear and do it anyway. Ask questions in presentations. Meet people for (virtual) coffee. Introduce yourself to the senior lawyer in your department.⁣

Be so organised that people think you have a superpower. Always write things down. Always know what you are doing and why it’s important. Always think about questions you can expect to be asked.⁣

Hold yourself to high standards. Every task you complete is a reflection of the kind of standards you hold and the kind of lawyer you’re going to be. Be thorough and write well. Review everything for sloppy mistakes.⁣

Forget about the outcome, it’s about the process. The potential. I don’t care if you miss the mark if you ask informed questions, you are eager to learn, and you actively seek out feedback because you care about the result. The work is easy to teach, your standards and mindset are not.