Dealing With Self Doubt

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There’s going to be that voice that tells you that everyone is better than you. That you don’t fit here. That becoming a lawyer is a dream not suitable for someone like you. You’re too quiet. You’re not smart enough. You don’t have the right background.

Family and friends may also doubt you. Why are you putting yourself through all of this? Are you sure this is right for you?

It’s really hard to back yourself against all of that. You need an almost foolish amount of self belief to get you through the bad times. And there will be lots of bad times.

That’s especially true as you go through rejection. The negative self talk comes out. Our brains tell us that it’s a confirmation of what we already knew, that we just aren’t good enough.

For once, what if you listened to the other voice? What if you are good enough?

You don’t have to be the same as everyone else nor do you have to be good at everything. Spend some time thinking about what your strengths are and lean into them: Are you good with people? Are you composed under pressure? Are you a logical or creative thinker? That’s going to be your USP. Own it.

As for your weaknesses, our brain likes to tell us that because we’ve always been a certain way, we’re always going to be that way. But who is to say you can’t get better over time? And are they even really weaknesses?

Many of us feel imposter syndrome. There’s no one set point when that feeling goes away. Just keep pushing outside your comfort zone. Eventually, you’ll have pushed yourself so far that you’re suddenly ‘making it’, and you’re doing something your younger self never thought was possible.