The Definite Yes

The Definite Yes

Jaysen Sutton -

2 min read

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I’m interviewing for a training contract. I interview hundreds of candidates across a short period. ⁣

Everyone I interview is technically able. I know they have the baseline credentials because that’s why I invited them to interview. To be honest, I know all of them will turn out to be great lawyers, but I need to find the best people for my firm. I need to find the definite yes.⁣

I’m rooting for you to make my job easier. Convince me that your application answers weren’t you just telling me what I want to know. I want to see that this is 100% without a doubt what you want to do. Not that this is just what you want to do, but this is what you need to do. This is the career that excites you. Your eyes light up when you speak about why you want this.⁣

This is more important to me than your knowledge. Sure, wow me with your commercial awareness, but I’m okay to let some of that slide if I see a deep motivation, if you aren’t just repeating what you’ve read. Convince me, through your experiences, that giving you an offer is the best decision I could ever make. Show me more than your research; convince me that there is something about your experiences with my firm that drives you to want this so badly.⁣

The definite yes is the candidate I remember after I finish work. I can’t wait to tell people. I’m ecstatic to have found someone who thinks for themselves, who has a passion for the things they do, who believes they deserve it, and who knows why they’re going to become a fantastic trainee solicitor. I don’t care if they tripped up on some answers – they more than made up for it with their authenticity and their fire.