Words To Read Before Your Interview

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You know your value. You know the kind of person you have the potential to be. You walk in with confidence. You look the interviewers in the eye. You sit up straight. You smile.

You’ll be okay whatever happens. You do not NEED an offer to validate how good you are. You’re excited. This is a conversation, your chance to get to know a firm. Are they good enough for you?

You know why you’re doing this. You’ve know your journey, the hardships you’ve faced, everything you’ve been through to get to this point. All the doubts and rejections and self talk you’ve overcome.

Unexpected questions don’t throw you because you’ve thought deeply about who you are. You want to talk about your experiences. You want them to ask you why they should pick you. It’s not embarrassing. It’s not arrogant. You have confidence in your story.

You’re not scripted. You don’t say what you think the interviewers want to hear. You know what you want out of your future. You light up when talking about your passions.

You’re nervous but that’s okay. You know you’re not the only one to feel like an imposter, like you shouldn’t be here. You also know it isn’t true. The firm invited you here for a reason. It wasn’t a mistake. Other candidates might be more polished or qualified but that doesn’t matter. You’re going to show them why.