M&A Case Study Bootcamp

The most intensive training programme we've ever run

Master case study interviews

Led by a corporate associate at a global law firm, our M&A bootcamp will teach you how to perform exceptionally at the hardest law firm interviews.

You’ll learn how to wow a partner by understanding the complex commercial and legal issues associated with a global M&A transaction.

You’ll work through case studies based on real work undertaken by trainee solicitors and associates.

You’ll know how to explain financial concepts and provide practical solutions to a mock client.

Ultimately, this programme is designed to go beyond helping you to secure a training contract. The aim of the bootcamp is to teach you how to walk, talk and act like a lawyer, ready for the next stage of your journey.

What can you expect?

The M&A bootcamp begins on Tuesday 16th February 2021, where you will be sent a video case study and the initial deal brief.

As the deal brief evolves, you will then prepare for three problem workshops, which are interactive case studies taught by a corporate associate. Here, you will learn what it means to be a corporate trainee:

  • How do you dissect legal documents, such as heads of terms and employment agreements?
  • How do you present practical commercial solutions to a client?
  • How should you consider the financial viability of acquiring a company?

In your preparation for the workshops, the brief will contain a series of questions that must be solved through a combination of independent research and team-based analysis. For the latter, you will work with other Gold members within TCLA’s private forum to tackle each problem.

Alongside these close-knit, interactive training sessions, we will be running a series on mastering case study interviews. Packed with practical interview advice, these sessions will be designed to teach you how to excel at case studies across a variety of commercial law firms.

Who is this programme for?

  • Premium Members

  • Bronze and Silver Members
  • TCLA Premium members have the chance to attend:
  • Supplemented training sessions on mastering case study interviews
  • Recap workshop session
  • Gold Members

  • Gold Members Only
  • The full programme is available to Gold members:
  • An unravelling deal brief, with three problem case study workshops, based on real work undertaken by trainees and associates at global law firms
  • Live interactive workshops with a corporate associate
  • Access to recordings of live interactive sessions
  • Access to additional case study materials
  • Supplemented training sessions on mastering case study interviews
  • Recap workshop session

How do you register for the Bootcamp?

If you are already a Gold member, you can book your place on the Problem 3 Workshop below. Please select your preferred date out of the three available.

Kindly note, if you are not a Gold member, you must sign up first, or we will need to cancel the booking.

One of the core objectives of this workshop is to teach you how to interpret contractual clauses and advise clients based on the information in a Heads of Terms. We know a lot of candidates struggle in case study interviews because it’s the first time they’ve ever seen a legal document, let alone proposed suggested wording or considered the implications, so the workshop hopes to give you the confidence to answer tough questions on this document.

What if I’m a scholarship candidate?

Recipients of the 1 Year Silver+ Scholarship can join these sessions as if they were a Gold member! Please just include this in the booking form.

What about the webinars for all premium members?

Recorded versions are now available in TCLA’s Webinar Series, available to all TCLA Premium members.

This includes:

  • TCLA’s Interview Crash Course
  • Mastering Technical Case Study Interviews

Register For the Problem 3 Workshop Now

Please select just one of the three dates listed below. Note, if you haven't attended a previous workshop, you can still attend this one.

M&A Case Study

2021 Bootcamp Schedule

  • Problem 1

  • Release of materials & video case study16 Feb
  • Workshop dates19 Feb / 23 Feb / 26 Feb
  • Problem 2

  • Release of workshop two preparation material 2 March
  • Workshop dates5 Mar / 9 Mar / 12 Mar

2020 Programme

Hear from last year’s participants, many of whom went on to secure vacation schemes and training contracts:

Starting the journey towards securing a training contract is scary because I did not know what to expect. I want to take time out to thank both of you for your extreme efforts to make the process a lot easier. It provided me with an insight into what I could expect at an assessment centre. Also, it made me realise how I can utilise my time further during the lockdown to increase my commercial awareness. The sessions enable me to apply my prior knowledge to scenarios and develop my team working skills virtually. It is incredibly useful receiving a guide after the session summarising the key points. It meant I could concentrate during the sessions and have a guide to look over and further my understanding to help me prepare for the real thing. I love hearing both of your experiences, especially Alice’s, regarding interviews and appreciate how you both provide tips throughout the sessions. Once again, Thank you!
I cannot put into words how helpful the virtual training programme is. First of all, knowing that I have a session coming up makes me motivated to keep up to date with the news which is already beneficial. Secondly, while I may think that I know something very well, when it comes to explaining it, I realise that I should read it into it more. So, this exercise has really helped me understand my strengths and weaknesses, and work towards improving the same. At the same time, since the first training session, I have been paying more attention to different concepts and terminologies in articles, and I am in a better position to have a conversation with someone on difficult topics. The structure of each session is great – ‘throwing’ questions on each person can be quite challenging and it is also really useful listening to the perspective of other people in the session. The group exercise has also helped me improve the way I collaborate with my teammates. Apart from the great quality of the programme, I think what really differentiates this programme from other training tools, is the way you and Alice make the questions or raise additional points in the discussion. It may be challenging but it’s so friendly at the some time, and I feel encouraged to share my views, even though they may not be 100% correct. I am not afraid to make mistakes and that’s something you don’t find everywhere.
The zoom session has thankfully restored my confidence in my ability to perform in case study exercises! I usually dread case studies exercises during assessment centres, but the session has showed me that you will go far from articulating your thought processes clearly. Thank you very much! Would highly recommend this to anyone with upcoming AC’s!
As someone who struggles to confidently express my thoughts on commercial concepts, I always find these sessions so helpful; they offer a perfectly balanced combination of encouragement, commercial insights, and useful advice. This session on M&A was particularly great. Vocalising the business concepts that I’ve been working through on paper is a perfect way to prepare for interviews, and this session on M&As covered a range of those concepts – ranging from accessible to challenging. Jaysen and Alice are also perfect leaders. They give everyone enough time to express their views – whilst also providing useful advice, and spot-on explanations every single time that they speak. I get so much out of these sessions; they are one of the best interactive resources – if not the best – for aspiring lawyers that I’ve seen around.
Loved how intimate the sessions were and how interactive it was. I thought we’d mainly be listening and taking notes but it was the opposite which meant I gained way more out of the session than expected! It was by far the most useful workshop I’ve ever attended (online and offline). I can’t fault it at all. The only thing I would say is that I wish it ran on longer, only because I was really enjoying it and wanted it to continue. Also, please keep doing more of these!!
One of the best interactive sessions I have attended by far. Closely simulates a real assessment environment with regards to the structure, the content and the questions asked. Even though I found it challenging, I learnt a lot and it gave me confidence to face and prepare for my real upcoming assessments. This is a perfect way to prepare for interviews and case studies going forward and the membership is worth every penny! Jaysen and Alice provide the perfect balance between them while both providing informative information and personal advice to takeaway from the session. One piece of constructive feedback is that I wish the sessions were either longer or slightly smaller groups as I didn’t want it to end.
The virtual training programs have been extremely useful. They have provided me with invaluable information about the types of questions law firms may ask and the best ways to approach answering these. Additionally, the programs have allowed me to practice taking part in virtual assessments. This has boosted my confidence for participating in an up coming virtual assessment centre. I cannot thank Jaysen and Alice enough for their time and efforts.
When I initially saw the case study I was a little bit scared. It looked quite complicated and like something I wouldn’t be able to answer. Jaysen and Alice encouraged us to say what we think as “we will only get marked on what we say”. This gave me the confidence to communicate my thoughts in a safe environment. I tried my best to incorporate my feedback from my last session which I also found extremely helpful. I really enjoyed how relatable Jaysen and Alice made the case study. I know with practice and the guidance of Alice and Jaysen, I will continue to making progress and hopefully learn to articulate my ideas better/