13th May 2019
Training Contract Interview Questions

260+ Training Contract Interview Questions (Updated for 2019!)

We’ve compiled these training contract interview questions to help you practice for interviews and assessment centres at commercial law firms. Why? Well, we’ve arranged many mock interviews over the years and we see a substantial difference in performance after students have practised real interview questions. Are these real interview questions? Over three-quarters of these questions were asked during recent vacation scheme and training contract interviews. The rest are variants of […]
20th March 2019
Seven Vacation Schemes

Preparing for Vacation Scheme Interviews

Title Author Preparing for Vacation Scheme Interviews   What I learned securing seven vacation schemes center no-repeat;center top;; auto Introduction You have submitted your application and completed the psychometric tests. It has been a long journey so far with hours of research and proofreading in order to hone your application and make it stand out. But it does not end there. The assessment day is the final stage before securing […]