13th September 2018
Driverless Car

The Driverless Future

Title Author The Driverless Future center no-repeat;center top;; auto Title Author The Players left no-repeat;center top;; auto 0px Introduction It was just months ago that a woman was fatally injured by a driverless car in Arizona. But businesses are pushing forward nevertheless, motivated by the notion that we are headed towards a driverless future. Uber and Toyota have teamed up last month in a refreshed attempt to establish driverless vehicles. […]
27th August 2018
US Europe Iran

How far will Iran divide the US from Europe?

How far will Iran divide the US from Europe? by Rufat Safarli (LinkedIn) In the United States, the EU’s intention to allocate $20.7 million to Iran as a financial aid was called erroneous. The State Department believes that this is the way that a “wrong signal” is sent and that a decision to support the people of Iran should be taken by Europe and the United States together. Experts note […]
23rd July 2018
China US shaking hands trade war

The Trade War Timeline 2018

The Trade War Timeline 2018     US imposes tariffs on solar panels and washing machines: Trump imposes tariffs of 30% on imported solar panels and 20% on imported washing machines in his first strike against China. 4 February 2018China launches investigation into animal feed: China began an anti-dumping and anti-subsidy investigation into imports of sorghum, an animal feed, from the US. 16 February 2018 US national security report released: […]
23rd July 2018
China US currency chess game

Why is China Devaluing its Currency?

Why is China Devaluing its Currency? A record weakening of the yuan marked the end of the working week as The People’s Bank of China devalued China’s currency to an annual minimum. The central bank is attempting to stimulate Chinese exports following the escalating trade war with the United States. But, while a cheap national currency will allow Chinese goods to remain in the US market, even after the introduction […]
20th July 2018
Two cars showing United states and Europe Tariff war

Trade War: The Car Industry

Trade War: The Car Industry Rufat Safarli (LinkedIn) The United States will suffer much harder from the trade war against China than Donald Trump initially thought. In today’s intertwined world, a trade war is like a close battle fought with hand grenades. You will no doubt hurt yourself. While the United States is now threatening to seriously punish Chinese products with customs duties, China will immediately retaliate by imposing its […]