Ince & Co

When was your Ince & Co interview? 

January 2018

What was it for? 

Training Contract

Please describe the interview process at Ince & Co.

First up on the agenda for the Ince & Co assessment day are two tests designed to test your writing abilities and soft skills. You will take a spelling and grammar quiz, and undertake a letter writing exercise. Then you will do an in-tray exercise. The in-tray exercise is a paper based exercise. You have 15 minutes to prepare before this Ince & Co interview with a partner begins. You are given a list of six emails in your inbox which you are asked to prioritise while explaining your ordering to the Ince & Co staff member. The interviewer will ask you to justify your decisions, and will give you additional information, which may change your opinions.

The in-tray exercise is followed by a partner interview. There are either two partners in the interview, or a partner and a member of the recruitment team. The interview opens with the discussion about the in-tray exercise outlined above, designed to examine how you cope under pressure. There are also the more expected interview questions about your CV and motivations for choosing law and Ince & Co in particular. The day ends with a tour of the Ince & Co offices given by a current trainee. Be sure to engage with the trainee, ask for information and in turn ask them questions about their experiences with the firm, and the law they are practising.

What advice would you give to future applicants for the Ince & Co interview?

Take the spelling and grammar test slowly and consider your answers. If you know that you have weaknesses in your spelling and grammar try to revise the correct formats ahead of the session. Practice for the letter writing test is more focused on how to write an effective letter. See how JobTestPrep can help you prepare for the writing tests here. Practice in advance. This will will mean that you are prepared for the type of task you will have to carry out. You are notified in advance who the partner or partners in your interview are, so take advantage of this knowledge to research them, their area of practice, and prepare questions to ask them in the interview.