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Latham & Watkins Interview

Current fourth-seat trainee at Latham & Watkins

The Latham & Watkins interview process may have changed since I had mine.
From what I remember it was two interviews, one about the personal statement and one commercial.
The commercial required an analysis of a contract and general commercial awareness on the market, some commodities, thoughts on how the profession was going to change and why. It also included an awareness of how Latham set itself apart in a saturated market and how it distinguished itself from magic circle counterparts and American counterparts alike. The personal interview was personable. Interests, pastimes, why Latham, competencies etc. Mine was like a conversation – we had a great chat about English lit!

Latham & Watkins Interview 2018

When was your Latham & Watkins interview? 

Mid-November 2018

What was it for? 

Winter Vacation Scheme

Please describe the interview process at Latham & Watkins.

The assessment centre had three components to it; the first was a written exercise, and the next two were interviews (one was the general interview and the other was a commercial awareness interview). The AC in general was very small but they were running quite a few AC’s so I guess it keeps it more personal when it is small.

What advice would you give to future applicants for the Latham & Watkins interview?

The written exercise – this was a case study where by we were tasked with writing a proposal (I think to a client) on what acquisition they should go ahead with. There was a choice of two companies, and you could choose the first, second, both or none. The exercise lasted for 45 minutes and you were given a pack of information. Getting through the information was the hardest because a lot of the information seemed relevant and seemed like things you could easily apply to your justification of a particular acquisition or no acquisition. They also had a few documents with currency conversation rates, balance sheets, and some other very very basic financial documents.

The competency interview – this was by far the most unpredictable element. Some people in my AC got the standard Why Latham, Why US, tell me a time etc. The only general question I got was why Latham (which was a bit annoying because I had prepared some really good answers for all the other interview questions you can predict). The rest of the interview was literally focused on my previous experiences, thoughts and what I had listed about my CV. It is a very very conversational interview and it makes the time go really quick. I truly felt like the Partners wanted to get to know me and I really enjoyed this aspect of the AC.

The commercial interview – As you know we were asked to present. The presentation went fine as you can practice this one as much as you want. After the presentation the partners have free reign to ask whatever they want about your presentation and again, what you will get asked varies from partner to partner. I was asked about specifics on my particular presentation e.g. one of my questions was regarding a point (literally one bullet point) on my 16/17 page presentation, so I would make sure that whatever you do you presentation on, make sure you know everything you need to know about it inside out. I also think a lot of this is thinking on the spot and just trying to remain composed.