1. Drafting exercise

a. Responding to a letter

2. Interview with HR and Senior Lawyer

  1. Why law?
  2. Why Orrick?
  3. Why do you think are Orrick’s competitors? And who else have you applied to
  4. What qualities do you believe are important for a lawyer and what have you done?
  5. What are the biggest challenges facing the legal sector and how do you find out information about that
  6. also how have clients changed and their expectations apart from innovation etc?
  7. When have you demonstrated qualities like resilience and organisation and those qualities that are essential to being a lawyer?
  8. When have you worked in a team where others contributed and what was their contribution? what were your own?
  9. When has a deadline changed and how did you deal with that and why did that come about
  10. When did you have to convince someone or a group to go your direction and were there any difficult members?
  11. If you hosted a dinner who would you invite? (dead/alive)
  12. How would your friends describe you in 3 words?


  • Three party negotiation in teams of 3

4. Lots of sessions to talk and network

  • Day was 9.30am-6.30pm
  • Friendly lawyers