RPC Vacation Scheme Interview 2018

When was your RPC interview?
February 2019

What was it for?

Vacation Scheme

Please describe the interview process at RPC.
This is a long but enjoyable day: ‘normal’ interview; presentation on the firm from the training principal and current trainee; written exercise; verbally present findings of written exercise to panel; networking lunch; tour of offices.

I really liked how they split up the difficult bits with some interesting activities!

Normal interview. This is very structured interview with a partner and a member of HR. They are required to stick to the question sheet. Mix of motivation, competency and behavioural questions.

Written exercise. Drafting a memo on a business-orientated ‘plan-of-action’. 1.25hrs to sift through a huge pile of evidence and draft a memo.

Verbal presentation. Informally presenting the above findings to a partner and a member of HR. There is then 10-15 minutes when they question why you didn’t pick other options.

What advice would you give to future applicants for the RPC interview?
Normal interview. They follow up on claims you make. I said that I applied to the firm for its insurance work, so they quizzed me about current issues effecting the insurance sector.

Written exercise. There’s way too much information to take in so feel confident in discarding that which isn’t supportive of your claim. Would recommend bringing sticky notes as there were a few awkward moments in the presentation component where I was flicking back and forth through the pack trying to find evidence to back up my points. Also, don’t feel the need to write everything in prose. I wrote mainly in bullet-point format. I believe that being concise and specific is the key here.

Verbal presentation. I think that being confident in your decision is vital here. The panel will question your reasoning, but as long as you can show logical and structured thinking – most of the options available could be convincing.