Wesleyan Assurance Society (In-house)

When was your interview with Wesleyan Assurance Society (in-house)? 

April 2018

What for? 

2018 Training Contract

Please describe the interview process at Wesleyan Assurance Society.

I felt very welcomed and comfortable at the assessment day. I built rapport with fellow candidates quickly and the assessors seemed very laid back. There was an introductory session/presentation, followed by – interview, written exercise, presentation, and group exercise.

What advice would you give to future applicants about the Wesleyan Assurance Society interview?

Expect general questions, not typical of standard law firm interviews such as – What motivates you, What would you do if a colleague wasn’t working to the best of their ability etc. This was difficult as whilst the questions weren’t particularly complex, I was thrown off as I didn’t think I needed to prepare for such questions. Research both the company and financial services in general thoroughly.