Interview experiences for vacation schemes and training contracts. Law firms are sorted alphabetically.

White & Case interview

White & Case vacation scheme interview:

  • The focus is on your application form, then why W&C, why law, some normal competency questions
  • A number of questions about what the trainee role involves
  • Trying to assess your response to typical situations trainees might find themselves in

White & Case Interview 2018

When was your White & Case interview? 

(mid) November 2018

What was it for? 

Vacation Scheme

Please describe the interview process at White & Case.

The interview was very relaxed. I was picked up from reception by a member of HR and taken into a room to be interviewed with that HR member alongside a Senior Associate.

The interview started with some basic questions about myself (why law, why my choice in university) before drifting into some competency questions. These were fairly straightforward and nothing out of the ordinary. The member of HR conducted this part.

The interview then moved into questions surrounding my application, at which point the senior associate took over. Based on my responses, I was probed further. Was particularly telling was that the parts of my application that were picked up on were very specific e.g. asking about a specific report I had conducted whilst on work experience. None of the questions I was expecting about my application came up.

At the end, I had the opportunity to ask some questions. Following this, a trainee took myself and another interviewee for an office tour.

I felt relaxed throughout the interview, and I enjoyed the lack of rigid and obvious questions – it was much more conversational.

What advice would you give to future applicants for the White & Case interview?

It is imperative that you know your application inside out – the smaller details will get picked up on. I would also recommend having a broad set of experiences to draw on when answering competency questions.

Be able to back up everything you say. Expect to qualify your opinions and to be probed on your answers – it’s not an interrogation, and doesn’t feel like one, but is an opportunity for you to show off what you know.

If you have other law firms on your application, be sure to be able to justify why White & Case compared to those other firms.