The 93% Club Birmingham is an offshoot of the national 93% Club initiative supported by some of the world’s leading law firms. The main barrier for state-educated students pursuing a career in commercial law is access to resources and access to a fruitful network. The 93% Club is the UK’s largest network of state-educated university students, and we are here to give you access to that network. As a society, we also aim to get our members access to the resources that will allow them to reach their own full potential. This year we have some brand-new initiatives and events that will get you going on your legal career journey.

Firstly, as a member of the 93% Club Birmingham, you will receive our fortnightly newsletter. This newsletter contains updates on the society, application tips, as well as opportunities (e.g. webinars, events, application deadlines) taking place that week. This unparalleled resource allows you to be on top of everything happening during the current application cycle. You won’t have to see another missed opportunity on someone else’s LinkedIn post again; we’ll show you first!

Membership to the 93% Club Birmingham also gives you access to society giveaways, our commercial awareness competition, contact with students from your university who have secured a TC, networking events and events with guest speakers from some leading firms. All these things will help give you the resources and confidence to catalyst you to a training contract with your dream firm.

And the best part is…it is all free! At the 93% Club Birmingham, we really are all about removing as many barriers as possible.

So, if you are a student in Birmingham, who went through the state school system, there is no better place to further your career ambitions than the 93% Club Birmingham.