At Brunel Law Society, we work closely with a diverse group of people who share the common objective of pursuing a legal career. Our aim is to provide our members with exciting opportunities to enable them to reach their full potential. Therefore, we catalyse our member’s professional and personal growth through a wide range of competitions (Negotiation, Debating, Mooting), workshops (Fraud Examination, Advocacy, Practical Legal Skills), events and activities throughout the year.

From working closely with the Student Union to external parties, our society also prioritises enhancing student’s university experience. As a result, we have grown our society from a small establishment to having our previous president nominated for the ‘Best Student Law Society President 21’ by

In 2019, we launched our very own law publication, ‘The Brunel Lawyer’, where various topics are discussed. The topics include, but are not limited to, legal affairs, general university advice, politics, and technology, which are released on a bi-weekly basis. This adds yet another layer to our student-society relationship which is important for us to maintain as we take pride in our member’s enrichment.

As a society, we are all very pleased to have partnered with TCLA as we truly believe in the value it provides and are looking forward to working closely with the team.