We are Dundee University Law Society: a society run by students, for the benefit of students!

Established in 1955 and currently with over 600 members the Dundee University Law Society is one of the most active societies on campus. We continuously strive to support our members in three key areas: Careers, Social and Academics. For careers, we aim to help our members explore their career options and regularly host workshops and networking events which enhance their employability and provide them with an exclusive insight into the legal industry. However, despite being a Law Society we understand that the life of lawyer is not for everyone and so we always aim to accommodate the career interests of those students who study law but have no intention of entering the legal industry.

We also aim to optimise the social experience of our members by organising a unique collection of events. No one does social events quite like DULS, whether it be our regular nights out or the extravagant law ball, we provide fun social atmospheres which encourage the integration of our members.

DULS is honoured to have won ‘Best Social Media’ by LawCareers.Net Society Awards 2020 as well as being nominated for ‘Best Social Event’ and ‘Best Career Event’. We feel this reflects our ability to provide quality insight into the legal industry as well memorable social events to help enrich the law student experience for our members.