At KCL Diverse Lawyers, we recognise that it is our social, cultural and economic ties that make us unique, and provide us with the insight and passion to make great changes and contributions in the legal sector and beyond. However, we also recognise that it is precisely these ties that can fetter the success and confidence in students to succeed – or even, indeed, pursue and excel – in a degree or career in law. Here at Diverse Lawyers, we refuse to accept the status quo and so our mission is simple: level the proverbial playing field.

In celebration of the broad spectrum of experience and backgrounds that our student base has, each of our committee members will use their own expertise and experience to raise awareness as to the issues, the successes and of the importance of their particular background all in the hopes of providing a more accessible and human face to the profession and study of law.

See the link below to become a member of the society – students from any degree background are welcomed to join!