Queen Mary Law Society (QMLS) is the biggest law-related society at Queen Mary University of London. Here, we bring together law students and non-law students alike to offer them the best possible start to law careers. During the year, we offer our members numerous events ranging from career networking events to social gatherings. As a result, students of diverse academic backgrounds are exposed to various possible legal careers, from working at large City firms to working for an in-house legal team. We also explore niche practice areas such as Art Law, Cannabis Law etc., to cater to our members’ unique interests.

Our networking events, social events and workshops with prestigious organisations establish a stepping stone for our members’ career in law. We aim to cover every career path by connecting our members with a myriad of law firms, Chambers and institutions and informing them on all possible options they have as law graduates. Whether it is vacation scheme applications, pupillages, work experiences, or training contracts, QMLS supports members in every way possible.

Academically, QMLS supports our university’s peer-reviewed law publication. The diverse student body of the Queen Mary’s Law School, 60% of which comes from under-represented backgrounds, makes the ideas we put forth incredibly diverse. Incorporating opinions from students of all academic levels, we encourage and promote learning of legal issues that are generally beyond the academic curriculum.

Our social events bring our student body together, as members have the opportunity to interact outside of an academic setting at highlight events like our acclaimed Annual Law Ball. These events are also run in collaboration with law firms, giving our members the chance to interact with representatives from law firms directly in a social setting.