The Trinity College Law Society was established in 1933 and is one of the college’s oldest and largest societies. The Society brings their members a huge range of events throughout the year, from vibrant social events, to in-house debating competitions and charity fundraisers. The Society also aims to foster discourse with its distinguished Speaker Series, which boasts a diverse range of guests including Lord Reed, Cornell William Brooks, Niall Horan and Michelle Bachelet. Law Soc also offers plenty of opportunities for professional development, with its Mock Trial and Legal Innovation competitions and by providing links to nationally and internationally renowned law firms. LawSoc has grown to include three subcommittees that focus on the areas of Women in Law, Charity and Outreach. Each of these subcommittees organise their own activities and are led by a member of the LawSoc committee. Trinity Women in Law runs a mentorship programme, a series of panel discussions and workshops. The Charity subcommittee organises fundraising events for a charity chosen by members each year. Trinity LawSoc Outreach organises a mentoring programme and mock trial for secondary school students. These subcommittees aim to in order to break down barriers to the legal profession and to give back to the community. LawSoc aims to aid its members in achieving a well-rounded education by encouraging them to challenge their minds by participating in specially tailored extracurricular activities.