Unity and Diversity in Law Society, is a student led initiative at the University of Bristol, ultimately embracing and championing diversity, whilst creating a unified environment where members thrive. We actively pioneer the change needed to make the legal profession accessible, representative, and meritocratic.

The society has cultivated a culture that allows individuals to flourish in an environment that celebrates their background, identity, and circumstances. We are the first and only law society in the University of Bristol to focus on diversity and inclusion in the legal profession, encouraging the success of members.

Our collective belief is that our differences make us better, underpinned by the mantra “my diversity is my strength.” We remain unwaveringly dedicated to our aim to de-stigmatise and demystify the legal profession, empowering those from diverse backgrounds. We actively respond to social crises such as Black Lives Matter, vocalising student initiatives and campaigns in an inspiring manner.

Our offering of insightful events, including workshops, networking events and competitions, nurture our members’ confidence and attempts to level the playing field. This is epitomised by our Grassroot Series, creating competitive applicants through training, regardless of background. Further, this year we are implementing our Schools Outreach Programme, aimed at raising aspirations of sixth formers to consider further education and the legal industry.

The supportive network we cultivate allows members to appreciate their capabilities and harness skills essential for a career in the legal profession. Our commitment is to foster the next generation of future lawyers whilst ensuring higher levels of representation, awareness, and meritocracy in their future working environments.