The University of Manchester FinTech and LegalTech Society is the first of its kind in the North West of England. The society is designed to set the basis of future student engagement with the legal and financial sectors involving technology and its advancements. Our main objective is to enhance the commercial awareness of students, regardless of whether they are Law students or merely passionate about the financial and legal sectors and their connection with technology.

Our desire when deciding to open this society was driven by the constant developments in the legal field of which students need to be aware in order to pursue a career in this profession. We aim to demystify these two key concepts, alongside providing our members with a deeper understanding of what they entail, how they impact the law and its application in the day to day life of a legal professional.

Through the combination of educational panel events with industry professionals and practical skills sessions and projects that will create an environment of active student engagement, our society becomes the pillar of student understanding of the future of law.